Gone are the days when games were a specially targeted for children. Games have taken over every human being of different age groups where every individual ease enjoying a game on a personal computer or a smart phone. Smart phones have offered the best convenience for an individual to play a game at any time and at any place. Playing a game on Samsung Galaxy nexus smart phone offers similar kind of experience that one finds when the play a game on their computer and the best part of all is that you don't have to be present at a particular location. The smart phone has been designed in such a way that it delivers good performance to enjoy games. With the help of Nexus accessories, you will be in a position to enhance the gaming experience that you will receive from the smart phone. A wide variety of accessories are present and the user can choose from a Bluetooth controller, stay your headphones and other basic accessories. Stereo headphones that are provided with Samsung Galaxy nexus smart phone plays a vital role as a gaming accessory. A high quality audio output is necessary to play a game on the smart phone. Presence of stereo headphones will increase your gaming experience and does not create disturbance to people present around you. Thrilling and live experience is obtained with the presence of sound. As the phone supports 3-D format games, you will surely enjoy a 3-D game that is a whole new experience. To ensure quality of sounds it is advisable you get original headphones that are specifically designed for this state of the art smart phone. Bluetooth controller is another gaming accessory for Samsung Galaxy nexus smart phone. For any game, controls play a key factor that creates an entertaining ambience for the player. As the controller is connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily play a game in a big screen without the need of the smart phone. It is important to maintain the preferred distance between the controller and the mobile device. Corded controllers sometimes act as a hindrance to movements as you play the game. As the accessory has the ability to connect to a big screen, you would not want to miss the bigger picture and enhanced experience. With the help of a Nexus Car Mounts and a Nexus charms you will be in a position to provide a protective environment to the smart phone. When it comes to gaming, your phone’s screen is a very important part since all the action is displayed on the screen. Presence of screen protector on the touch screen will protected from unwanted scratchers and increases the lifespan by preventing the damage caused by Sun rays. The case present on the smart phone prevents from shocks that are caused when a smart phone falls down accidentally. The two are for protecting this state of the art gaming device. With the presence of right gaming accessories that are coupled with Samsung Galaxy nexus smart phone, there is a whole new level of gaming that is waiting to take you on a thrilling ride. The large screen of the smart phone makes it easy for you to have a bigger resolution of the game and the massive inbuilt storage capacity helps you store all your favorite games. Other items that deserve mention for this phone are the Google Nexus batteries.